Expertise – David Waters Productions, LLC


Sixteen years of award-winning network and local video production. We employ non-linear editing for a high-end polished look–finesse on a budget.

High-end, polished editing for national long-form stories, and the production and camera work on those shootings…at highly competitive rates.

Broadcast Television Photographer and Editor. David Waters Productions, LLC produces videos in 4K movie resolution, or High Definition, depending on your needs, with a wide range of camera options from the RED-Epic to a line of SONY XDCam cameras, or Panasonic P2 cameras.

Post Production
We use a full range of video production tools including: Adobe Premiere CC, After Effects, Final Cut X, and AVID, with many other tools available for special effects, animation, and sound design.

Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Florida, Orlando, in Motion Picture Technology.