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Video Production Service’s Roles and Hierarchy

When working on any video production, it’s critical to understand the team’s duties and the hierarchy of the video production company’s services. This way, you will know who to ask inquiries to and who leads certain departments. There is some consistency here, although each crew functions slightly differently. This post depicts the standard video production hierarchy.


The producer is the project’s initial point of contact. They meet with the customer to discuss high-level objectives and expectations. They must put together the production crew. Typically, the director comes first. They assembled the crew members from there. Typically, the producer is involved throughout the project’s lifecycle: pre-production, production, and post-production.


A director is a person in charge of overseeing the film shoot and the making of a film. To complete a picture, the filmmaker needs a variety of artists and technicians. They operate in the heart of post-production video editing, but it’s not a one-man show. They require the assistance of others to complete the task properly.


This individual is likely the most essential creative force on a production set, second only to the Director. For the look and feel of the shots, the Director of Photography, or DP, is to express the Director’s vision.


The screenwriter’s function is one of the most talented upfronts among all film crew positions and obligations. Screenwriters collaborate with the production crew to create a film’s screenplay or narration. The screenwriter may create the questions you ask the performer in interviews or smaller videos.

Lighting Director

For us, the LD (or gaffer) manages the lighting required to achieve the aesthetic of the picture as selected by the director and DP. He collaborates closely with the director and director of photography to ensure that the lighting creates the desired effect. The LD places lights and rigs on everything needed to create the look with the help of a key grip, gaffers, and even production helpers.

Art Director

The art director works with the assistance of the Production Designer. They are associated with the video’s setting, such as the background, buildings, landscapes, or interiors. They also work on decorating the sets and objects, which might alter the overall look of the film.

Costume Designer

They are in charge of the outfits used by the performers or characters in the video or film. This influences how the character appears in the video.


These are the actors and actresses who will appear in the film as on-screen characters. Talent might be as basic as your CEO or an office worker being videotaped for a business interview. The talent you use can influence how memorable your film is.


Yes, the Client is a team player! Their ideas, expectations, and comments are critical components of a successful production. A customer might be anyone, from a small business owner looking for a local ad to a Fortune 500 company looking for a campaign for an upcoming event, or even a studio itself.
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