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From planning and concept to filming and post-production, we’re ready to jump into action and get your video project into production. And no matter if it’s a simple social media campaign that takes one person, or a larger promotional project that needs a news team and satellite trucks, location talent or additional crew, we have the network to make it happen.


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Types of Video

How Much Does A Video Cost?

A video budget has many factors. We are happy to work on projects of all sizes, and work hard with our clients to create the most interesting and professional video they can get for the budget they have to spend.

Obviously, a budget of $5,000 won’t create the same type of video a $20,000 video will. But we give each project our best effort and work hard to find the right solution for your needs. If you don’t know your budget, don’t worry – we’ll educate you on the different elements that a project needs to help create one.

We can even give you a couple options to choose from.